2024/2025 Central Johannesburg TVET College Online Application Form

2024/2025 Central Johannesburg TVET College Online Application Form

2024/2025 Central Johannesburg TVET College Online Application Form is available for download. Check on the links below for the latest pdf version.

Click here to download 2024/2025 Central Johannesburg TVET College Online Application Form

Monday – Friday
07h30 – 16h00

Monday – Friday
08h00 – 16h00

Central Administration Office
Central Johannesburg College
PO Box 70500


  • Bookshop – all campuses
  • Canteen – all campuses
  • Public Telephones – all campuses
  • Hair Salon – Parktown Campus
  • Internet Café – Under Review
  • Student Resource Centres – All campuses
  • Music Studio – Highveld Campus, Crown Mines Site
  • Restaurant – Parktown Campus


Security – 24 hours – all campuses
Gate security officers are instructed to do security checks in terms of vehicles entering and leaving the college premises.

Gate security officers are instructed to search vehicles, bags and persons entering and leaving the campus.  Students are issued with a student card and are not permitted entry onto the college premises without presentation of their card.

Secure parking is available for students on the Ellis Park and Parktown Campuses at an affordable fee.


Bursaries are awarded to students according to academic performance.  Students can apply for a bursary once they are registered with the College.  Registered students can obtain bursary application forms from the Students Support Services Office at the campus where they are studying.

Study Opportunities
Prospective students can choose from a variety of courses.  There are over thirty study opportunities in five different Schools:

  •  School of Enterprise and Business Development
  •  School of Engineering Technology
  •  School of Community Enterprise Development
  •  School of Health and Human Services
  •  School of Information and Communication Development

Academic Progress
As a committee of the Governing Council of CJC, the Academic Board oversees the academic progress of students, identify problem areas and facilitate remedial processes to enhance and ensure a sound academic culture.

Student Representative Council (SRC)
A Student Representative Council is elected annually by the students.  Nominations of candidates by students are conducted and through an independent election process.  The SRC, as a statutory body, also enjoys representation on the Governing Council of the College to ensure student representation in all college matters.

Sport and Recreation (Campus Life)
As part of campus life, students participate in various sporting, recreational and cultural activities, including soccer, netball, volleyball, dance, poetry and choir singing.

Academic Excursions
In order to provide students with exposure to industry, excursions are organized per department.  Learners are obliged to sign an indemnity form before undertaking any excursion.  Forms will be supplied by the organizer of such an event.

Career counseling and enterprise development
Exit-level students and alumni can register with the Centre for Employment and Entrepreneurship Development (CEED) for membership of the Alumni Association.  CEED renders services to these categories of students in the form of enterprise development and career support.  These entail internship, setting up and supporting student business incubations, job seeking skills (compiling a winning Curriculum Vitae and application letter, interview skills, etc.).  For more information contact the CEED Central Office at Parktown Campus at (011) 642 3053, or visit the Student Support Services Office at your campus.


Registered students can apply for residence, which is located on 32 Hadfield Road, Berea.  Preference will be given to students residing beyond the borders of Gauteng.  For more information contact the Ellis Park Campus on (011) 402 2990.


Central Johannesburg College prescribes course (study) fees prior to the beginning of each academic year.  [click here to view or download the 2008 Course Fees brochure]

Methods of Course Fee Payment.

Registration Deposit
A prospective student is required to pay a one-third deposit of the total course fees on registration for the selected course.  Only in the case of a selected few of the courses will a prospective student be required to contribute 50% registration deposit.

Please Note: Students registered for trimester courses are required to pay their full course fees on registration.

Settlement of Outstanding Fee Balance
Once the registration deposit has been paid, the registered student is required to pay the outstanding balance in installments as follows:

  • Students registered for the first semester must have settled their outstanding fees by the end of May.
  • Students registered for the second semester must have settled their outstanding fees by the end of October.
  • Students registered for year courses must have settled their outstanding fees by the end of October.

Students should note that on failure to comply with the payment system outlined above, they would not be provided with their examination results.

Central Johannesburg College operates a cashless system.  All cash and cheque payments are to be deposited into the bank.  Only credit card payments will be processed on campus by campus cashiers.

The following methods of payments are being used:

  • Direct bank deposits
  • Bank guaranteed cheques
  • Credit Card payments


Trimester Courses register three times a year: January; April/May; and August/September.

Semester Courses register twice a year: January and July.

Year Courses register once a year in January.


  • Central Johannesburg College is open for registration to both South African citizens and citizens from other countries.
  •  South African citizens must be in possession of a legal identity document.
  •  Foreign students must have a valid temporary residence permit prior to registration.  Once they are in possession of a Proof of Residence issued by the College, they should obtain a valid study permit for the duration of study stated on the Proof of Residence document, from the Department of Home Affairs.
  •  A certified copy of the most recent results.
  •  A parent or legal guardian must accompany a student who is under the age of eighteen.
  •  Proof of residence, e.g. telephone or electricity bill.


Visit the Marketing and Communications Department at:
5 Ubla Avenue
(Off Princess of Wales Terrace)
Johannesburg, South Africa

Write to:
Private Bag 70500

E-mail:  info@cjc.co.za
Telephone: (011) 351 6000
Facsimile: (011) 484 2738