Andries Vosloo Hospital School Of Nursing

Andries Vosloo Hospital School Of Nursing: This is a campus of Lilitha Nursing College in South Africa. There are several campuses of Lilitha Nursing College scattered throughout the country.


Lilitha College of Nursing was established by the Education and Training of Nurses and Midwives Act 4 of 2003. The intent of the Act was to:

  • Repeal the different pieces of apartheid legislation that established the different Nursing Colleges in the Eastern Cape Province;
  • Establish one single College with five (5) main campuses and nineteen (19) Sub-campuses distributed throughout the Eastern Cape Province and strategically positioned to meet nurse training demands of the EC health system;

Programmes offered are based on the demands and priorities of the health system and demographics of the EC Province. The college offers both basic and post basic nursing programmes including specialist programmes. It has consistently produced large volumes of nurses to be permanently allocated to the clinical services for the province. The college embraces academic excellence in learning where generations of disciplinary knowledge are entrusted into nursing practice, research regarding human experiences of health, illness and healing, utilising Community-Based and Evidence-Based practice focusing on holistic relationship centred around a caring approach which facilitates the well being of individuals.

Accommodation and Transport

Use of surrounding nurses’ homes:
Andries Vosloo Sub-Campus Nurses Home / Hospitals (Andries Vosloo Hospital, and or private  accommodation


Use of own transport or public transport and / or Andries Vosloo Hospital transport

Lilitha PE Main Campus departmental cars for College business

Student Activities

Participation in Andries Vosloo Sub-Campus and Main Campus Choir

Student Support and Medical Services

Student support

  • Counselling done by lecturing staff
  • Remedial support

Medical services

  • Medical check-up requested prior entry to the programme
  • Andries Vosloo Hospital staff wellness department
  • Use of personal medical aid and where applicable

Emergency contact numbers

College Staff

  • Mrs. S. A Piet (Sub-Campus Head)
  • Mrs. V. D Fillis (Lecturer)
  • Ms. N. Mfundi (Lecturer)
  • Ms. S. A Jeewa (Admin Officer)
  • Ms. B. Konki (Data Capturer)

Public Emergency Numbers

  • Police-10111/042 243 2233
  • Ambulance- 042 243 2222
  • Municipality (Fire, Electricity, Water)-042 243 1333
  • Fire Alarm control on premises
  • Electricity 041 373 7641
  • Water 0800124000
  • Crime hot line: 0800124000

Jobs and Careers

  • 1 Year Course leading to Enrolment as a nurse Auxiliary (ENA) – Requirements; Grade 10
    All copies must be certified
  • 2 Year Course leading to Enrolment as a Nurse (EN) – Requirements; Weak Grade 12
    All copies must be certified
  • 2 Year  Bridging Course Leading to a Registration as a General Nurse – Requirement; Qualification as an Enrolled Nurse (EN)
    Granted Study Leave
  • Support Staff: Administration work, Data Capturer, Drivers and General Assistants – Requirements; As per Advert
  • Lecturers; Qualification as a registered Professional Nurse – 4 Years’ Experience
    Nursing Education Qualification

The Local SRC structure

  • Student partakes in SRC activities
  • Every first Tuesday of the month, SRC holds meetings at Lilitha College, Andries Vosloo Sub – Campus with student body

Outreach Programmes

  • Student participate in projects and outreach programs e.g. Old age homes, Orphanage Homes, Health Awareness Days, e.g. Cancer month, Diabetes week etc.
  • Career exhibitions at local schools
  • Blue Crane Route Municipality – attending environmental health awareness programmes

Physical Address

Lilitha College of Nursing
Andries Vosloo Sub-Campus
Charles Street

Contact Details

Mrs. S.A Piet (Sub-Campus Head)
Tel:  042 243 0047/ 042 243 0098
Fax:  042 243 0078