Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Late Application 2022

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Late Application 2022

2022 Walk-in (Late Applications)  process at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) for programmes with available spaces

Download the list of programmes with available spaces HERE

Please Note: The list will be amended as registration continues and spaces are being filled up

First-Year Undergraduate Programmes – Late Applications

The first-year intake for Undergraduate studies – late applications will only be made available by no later than Sunday, 13 February 2022.

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  • Consult the list of programmes with available spaces and for submission during above timeframe, as listed above
  • Regretfully no RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) applications will be considered
  • Check the Admission Requirements displayed on the CPUT website. Be sure to scroll down to your specific programme for the Additional (programme-specific) requirements. (Step 2)
  • Ensure that you meet the minimum admission and subject requirements for your programmes with available spaces (click here to view)
  • Ensure that you submit the necessary supporting documentation as outlined here
  • An on-campus venue is available with assistance should you have difficulties in applying online. (Refer to the paragraph on On-line Venues for details of the location of these in our various campuses)


  • Only completed applications will be considered. Please consult the list of supporting documentation
  • Only applications that followed the outlined application process will be considered as an application


The following categories of applicants can submit applications during this time:
• Applicants who exhausted only 1 or 2 options out of the maximum of 3 choices for applications submitted during the normal and late application timelines
• Applicants who did not apply during the normal and/or late application timelines (maximum of 3 choices)
• National applicants (with a SA ID) with a National Senior Certificate (NSC) / Senior Certificate (SC) / National Vocal Certificate (NVC) / National Qualification
• National applicants (with a SA ID) with international qualifications who already have SAQA certification
• Refugee status applicants (with a SAQA certification for international qualifications obtained)
• Permanent residency applicants with SA ID (SAQA certification is required for international qualifications obtained)

Walk-In Application Process

Step 1: List of programmes with available spaces Click here

Step 2: Do you meet the minimum entry requirements? {Step 1: Choose a qualification}

Ensure that you meet the minimum admission and subject requirements for the programme listed in Step 1
Be sure to scroll down to your specific programme for any additional (programme-specific) requirements

Step 3: CACH Applications – Compulsory For First Time Undergraduate Applicants and for NSFAS Funding Only

What Is CACH?
CACH is a central applications clearing house (CACH) portal to assist applicants with placement which is an initiative from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) for the purpose of advising prospective undergraduate applicants on available study spaces at tertiary institutions. However, NSC results can only be verified for examinations written since 2008. 

The Department of Higher Education is aware that not all learners have been successful at securing a space to study in 2022. To alleviate the pressure on all institutions of higher education, First Time Entering Students are encouraged to use the CACH system to apply and within that process they can also indicate CPUT as their preferred option. 

Benefits Applying to CACH:

  • applicants are able to apply immediately to multiple institutions
  • save time by not standing in long queues
  • NSFAS Funding: applying directly to CPUT does not give applicants automatic access to student funding, NSFAS or a guaranteed residence placement.

Applying for NSFAS Funding:

  • the Department of Higher Education and Training has indicated that NSFAS is not open for late applications
  • students who have applied via CACH may be considered for NSFAS funding if eligible
  • walk-in students that apply directly to CPUT will still have to lodge their information with CACH as only students who have been allocated a space and lodged their information with CACH may be considered for NSFAS.
  • the university will in addition also lodge the information of students that are allocated a space at CPUT through the late application process to CACH.

How to Apply to CACH (download flyer):

  1. Call Toll-Free: 0800 35 66 35
  2. SMS name and ID Number to 49200 (standard SMS rates apply)

CACH Office Hours: Monday – Sunday from 08:00 to 18:00 until 28 February 2022

On receipt by CACH of the applications the following process is followed:

  • CACH will capture the biographical information of applicants and verify their NSC results. The top-level Classification of Educational Subject Matter (CESM) fields of interest and province of interest will also be indicated. However, the system is not yet geared to capture specific institutions and specific programmes within the institutions at this stage.
  • CPUT will download lists of applicants that have applied via CACH.
  • an SMS will be sent to CACH applicants to address the processes and indicating that they can apply by following the set application processes listed below.

Step 4: Gather your supporting documents

Step 5: How to apply directly to CPUT

PLEASE NOTE: Being accepted academically does not guarantee a space into residences, particularly for walk-in applicants due to the limited space available in residences.


CATEGORY A: Online Applications Submissions Only

• National applicants (with a SA ID) with

a) National Senior Certificate (NSC) / Senior Certificate (SC) / National Vocal Certificate (NVC) / National Qualification for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies
b) First-year applicants, returning students, applicants transferring from other institutions, CPUT students with gap in studies
c) Academic results that meet the minimum entrance requirements

The primary mode of application is online, except where indicated, and applicants can apply directly to CPUT as walk-ins using this route.

Submit your application online via the CPUT website. Alternatively, the following dedicated Online Walk-in Venues are available to support this process:

Campus Venue
District 6 CampusLibrary Computer Lab 2.99 (Accessible from Atrium)
Bellville CampusOld Business School Room, Ground Floor, Room 1A
Wellington CampusLibrary, Computer Lab
Mowbray CampusMain Building, Lab 036

NB: Applicants can utilise any of these venues irrespective of the programme that they are applying for.

• Submit online only via Application wizard (new applications) or Returning Application iEnabler (those with an existing CPUT student number) directly to CPUT accessible via the CPUT website (

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and proceed with Apply to CPUT Application Wizard

Application Wizard

• No late application fee chargeable (free of charge)


  • incomplete applications will not be considered (including those received via Postal Services (courier)
  • being accepted academically does not guarantee a space into residences due to limited residences space

CATEGORY B: Manual Applications Submissions Only

Manual applications for applicants who meet the minimum entrance requirements, and are hand delivered to ARC Department directly by the applicant, will ONLY be allowed for the following categories of applications:

a) National applicants (with a SA ID) with International qualifications who already have South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) certification
b) Refugee status applicants
c) Permanent residency applicants with SA ID

Fee chargeable: R100 late application fee

PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete applications (including those received via Postal Services (courier)) will not be considered.

Step 6:Tracking of the outcome of the selection of walk-in applications
Selections will be conducted with the respective Faculties. The applicant will be informed by ARC the outcome of the selection by means of an automated SMS and the applicant can proceed to download the acceptance letter via the Online Tracking System on the website.

***Reminder to first-time entering undergraduate applicants for NSFAS Funding: Have you submitted your applications to CACH?