Detail Of Milpark Business School Application 2024/2025

Detail Of Milpark Business School Application 2024/2025

Applying to Milpark

New students –  Milpark Business School Application 2024/2025

New students registering for the first time on a programme (qualification).

Students need to complete the admission process and receive academic acceptance onto the programme before registering for modules (subjects or courses).


*International students: please refer to the admission requirements for international students by clicking here

Before applying, be sure that you:

  1. meet the minimum entry requirements as per the course programme brochure.
  2. adhere to the admission closing dates as per the course programme timetable.
  3. have all required documentation available as set out in the course programme brochure.

Contact our student service centre at 086 999 0001 where a consultant will gladly assist you by completing your admission application on your behalf.

Upon successful admission, you will receive an acceptance letter via email as well as login details to access myMilpark, our online student environment.


If you have completed a qualification at another accredited institution, you may be eligible for subject exemptions.

To apply for an Exemption:

  1. submit the relevant application if any of the modules you have completed previously (no more than 10 years ago) are similar to the modules on the qualification you are applying for.
  2. submit your original exemption application form together with originally certificated documents via post or hand delivery to Milpark.

Note: If you have previously completed a qualification at Milpark Education, you may also be eligible for subject exemptions, however these will be automatically granted on admission. No application is required.

Registration:  Milpark Business School Application 2024/2025

On successful admission, you can proceed with the registration of your semester modules.
*International students: please refer to the registration requirements for international students by clicking here

To register, ensure that you:

  1. have received your login details to access myMilpark.
  2. adhere to the registration closing dates as per the relevant course programme timetable.

(You will be required to upload your proof of payment proof of deposit/EFT, bursary letter or credit card.)


Contact our student service centre at 086 999 0001 where a consultant will gladly assist you by completing your registration application on your behalf.

Upon successful registration, a confirmation of registration letter will be sent together with your study material (where applicable).
All admission and registration information can be also viewed online on myMilpark

International students –  Milpark Business School Application 2024/2025

All international students need to apply via the manual admission route and submit original certified documentation.

If the entry requirements for your chosen Milpark qualification is a South African National Senior Certificate (NSC), you need to obtain an exemption certificate from the Higher Education South Africa (HESA). Visit for further information.

If the entry requirement for your chosen Milpark qualification is a prior undergraduate qualification, you need to obtain an equivalent certificate for foreign qualifications completed. Visit for further information.

Distance learning

  1. Students enrolling via distance learning:
    • do not need to comply with any visa or residency requirements.
    • will conclude admission and registration processes at a distance.
    • will receive study materials via courier in their country of residence.
    • will receive support via distance methods.

    Note: Students are liable for additional costs in respect of courier and examinations.
    Please contact the student service centre 086 999 0001 for further information.

  2. Distance learning students who want to visit South Africa to attend a single short workshop or write an examination at a local venue, have to do so based on the normal visa/visiting requirements as stipulated by the Department of International Affairs (or Home Affairs).Note: Such a visit does not imply permission to remain in South Africa indefinitely based on registration at Milpark Education.
  3. Distance learning students are not allowed to provide a South African residential or postal address. Such registrations will not be concluded as the normal visa/study permit requirements have to be complied with as for contact/residential students below.

Contact learning

International students who do not have permanent residence in South Africa or who are not South African citizens need to follow the steps below:

Step 1

Consult their embassy/ Department of International Relations/ South African Embassy for specific prerequisites with regards to the legal requirements for registration with a South African academic institution.

Step 2


  • An official provisional admission letter from Milpark.
  • Proof of medical cover. The relevant South African law states:

“In terms of the Immigration Act No. 13 of 2002 as Amended and its Regulations, any prospective student to the Republic of South Africa, must provide proof of medical cover with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998 Act 131 of 1998.”

  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, maintenance and incidental costs.
  • Proof of a cash deposit or bank guarantee equivalent to airfare or transportation costs to the student’s country of origin for repatriation purposes or forfeiture to the state should permit conditions not be complied with.
  • A medical certificate — a clean bill of health is required.

Step 3

Apply for a study permit by submitting Form 1 to the local Department of International Relations/South African Embassy.
The student will need to provide the embassy with an undertaking that they will leave South Africa on completion of her/his studies.

NB: Students should await the outcome of their application prior to making travel arrangements to South Africa.

Step 4

If a student is able to obtain a study permit on time, then they may continue with their application for full admission and registration for their selected modules.

NB: A certified copy of the International student’s passport together with a certified copy of a valid study permit must/will be kept in the student’s record file at Milpark Education. If a student is unable to obtain a study permit on time, then they must postpone their programme until the date on which they are in possession of a study permit.