The Private Hotel School – Student Information

The Private Hotel School – Student Information

The Private Hotel School is situated in the heart of the Cape Wine lands, outside the historical town Stellenbosch.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is elected by students and the staff. They are the mentors to the first semester students. Their responsibility is to assist the lecturers as well as the students. The SRC is the main body for organizing social events, which motivate the students and provide well deserved breaks from academia. This year gatherings such as barbecues at the pool areas were organized by the SRC, with the main purpose of creating a platform of social interactions for students. Every semester a social activity is organized for students off campus, such as ice skating at the Grand West Casino or a hike in the mountains.

The SRC is also involved with charity. During 2013 we participated in the Pebbles and Operation Shoe Box Projects, which is active all year round. The organization sponsors stationery in January, provides Easter fun, and distributes blankets in winter.They support children that do not have a home and children that are underprivileged. They funded two libraries of books, distributed thousands of toys, supported families with children who have cancer and actively channel donations from the public to our beneficiaries. Students also assisted in collecting clothes, blankets and non-perishable foods that were donated to the township of Kayamandi – after more than 4000 informal homes were destroyed by a fire.

The staff at The Private Hotel School are very professional, attentive and kind. They go the extra mile for the students, if they can assist one in improving, they will do anything in their power to do so. The staff also assists students with challenges and goes beyond the call of duty to guide the students to overcome their challenges. The classroom environment is intimate as the groups are small which provides more personal guidance from the lecturers.

The Private Hotel School also offers accommodation for up to 13 students. Staying on campus can be more fun and convenient because one will always have the facilities provided and open hands from the lecturers. Students can interact or socialise with one another by having a relaxed braai at the pool area.

The key focus of The Private Hotel School is cultivating professionalism and preparation for the hospitality industry and arranging student activities that are structured all year around – never leaving a dull moment. Learning at The Private Hotel School is active and takes place in an operational environment with conferences, functions and events, providing work intergraded learning opportunities. The theory and the practical are constantly interwoven to provide a true reflection of the industry.

All new students are urged to go through the following information: