UNISA Short Course in Barista Skills

UNISA Short Course in Barista Skills

University of South Africa Short Course in Barista Skills

Short Course in Barista Skills (76901)Purpose

To ensure the growth of the Barista profession.
There is currently a shortage, in terms of access and availability, of Barista training for sustainable enterprise development in communities in South Africa. Therefore, this course will be offered on a national level and people will have access to this training to acquire the skills and this qualification that will help with finding a job in the hospitality industry. This skill is greatly in demand in the hospitality industry, and has not been given the opportunity to grow in the South African Market. Coffee is becoming a great part of the industry worldwide, and is also globally the second largest traded commodity. South Africans need to have the opportunity to be trained in this specialized skill, to feed the demand in the industry.
 Target group

School leavers, interested members within communities who would like to become part of a community development group. Currently there is no formal module in South Africa where this knowledge and skill is presented, taught and explored in a comprehensive, coherent and structured format.
 Admission requirements

Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification.

One month including five day practical

Language medium

 Registration periods

First semester: 28 November – 25 January
Second semester: depends on the Unisa second semester registration dates. For more information please visit www.unisa.ac.za/caes
Workshop will only be presented if a minimum of 15 students are registered
 Barista skills (SCBABR01)Syllabus/Content Topics

The SLP is considered in terms of the hospitality industry within a collection of units within a module including:
•Preparing the work area
•Advising customers
•Grinding coffee
•Extracting espresso coffee
•Texturising the milk
•Presenting and serving the coffee
•Maintaining the espresso machine
•Water treatment
•All about coffee: history, machines and process
•Associated beverages including tea and smoothies