University of KwaZulu-Natal Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine how to Apply or Admission Procedure

University of KwaZulu-Natal Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine how to Apply or Admission Procedure

How to Apply

South African Applicants

Applications via the Central

Applications Office (cao)

◗◗ All first-time South African applicants to UKZN for entry into degree/diploma study in the first semester (February) of an academic year (Grade 12s as well as undergraduate transfer students from other institutions) must apply via the Central Applications Office (CAO).

◗◗ Obtain the CAO application form and CAO Handbook from the CAO on +27 (0)31 268 4444 or CAO’s website OR institutions OR high schools. For UKZN, write

◗◗ The CAO also has an online application facility.

◗◗ The forms have unique CAO reference/application numbers that must be quoted in all correspondence. The CAO system will generate a CAO number when applying online. Students can apply to more than one institution on the CAO application form. Applicants use the same application number for all institutions. Application for residence accommodation and financial assistance on the CAO application form. For UKZN, no further application forms are required.

◗◗ The CAO Handbook provides information on programmes available as well as information on minimum requirements for application to

specific programmes. Applicants are allowed six choices that mustbe listed in order of preference.

◗◗ Applicants pay one application fee only to the CAO, regardless of the number of institutions they apply to:

•If students apply before 31 October 2016, the CAO application fee is R200.

•If students apply from 1 November 2016 onwards, the CAO application fee is R400.

•Application fees are paid either: by crossed cheque or postal order made out to the CAO on submission of applications OR by payment at any EasyPay facility using an application number and Easy Pay number on the form as reference OR via the Internet where applicants can print a deposit slip quoting the CAO number for bank deposits.

•Do not pay CAO application fees to UKZN and do not enclose cash.

◗◗ Completed application forms, proof of payment and documentation must be mailed to: Central Applications Office, Private Bag X06, Dalbridge 4014.

◗◗ The CAO will confirm receipt of applications by letter, fax or email; applicants must confirm their basic information and their choices made; provide information on special programme requirements; and list outstanding documentation.

◗◗ Applicants must check the information and inform the CAO in writing if they want to make any changes to their programme choices. Any changes will require payment of an additional R100.

◗◗ Institutions will access the applications via the Internet. UKZN may make early/conditional offers based on National Senior Certificate (NSC) results, if already obtained, or excellent Grade 11, Grade 12 mid- year or trial results. Offers may only be made once the NSC results are received in January.

◗◗ The CAO advises applicants via SMS as soon as a decision has been made. UKZN will follow up with further correspondence. Refer to page 21 for information on UKZN selection procedures.

◗◗ The CAO obtains the NSC results from the Department of Education. Applicants should contact the CAO call centre on +27 (0)31 268 4444 or 083 123 0000 OR consult the CAO web page at: to check the progress of their application. A CAO 24-hour response service for selection decisions is available on 083 123 2000.

Applications Directly to UKZN

The following applications must be made directly to UKZN:

◗◗ Previously registered UKZN students wanting to return to complete their programmes.

◗◗ Previously registered UKZN students wanting to apply to another undergraduate programme.

◗◗ Applicants for non-degree studies.

◗◗ New applicants for admission to non-CAO programmes listed in the College section of this Prospectus.

◗◗ New applicants applying for admission to Semester 2 (August). Consult with UKZN on availability of spaces in programmes before submitting applications for Semester 2.

◗◗ UKZN Undergraduate application forms are available from:

•General Enquiry Offices on all campuses.;

•The UKZN website under ‘Apply to UKZN’; and

•On request

◗◗ A non-refundable application fee of R200 is payable to UKZN on submission of an application and required documentation (late fee R400).

◗◗ Applicants must take care to ensure that their application reaches us before the closing date – see page 10.

◗◗ For more information, contact: Tel: +27 (0)31 260 2212/2238/7577/ 7877/2011/3417; +27 (0)33 260 5212/ 5214/5022.