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University of Pretoria Faculty of Health Sciences Bursaries or Scholarship

Tuks Scholarship Fund

UP Vice-Chancellor launches the Tuks Scholarship Fund

Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Cheryl de la Rey, is the first to donate to the newly established Tuks Scholarship Fund. This pioneering initiative aims to support talented and deserving students from all backgrounds to enrol at the University – and to complete their studies – without being constrained by concerns about being unable to afford fees and resource their upkeep.

Many deserving students are constrained by their inability to afford higher education and, as a result, the country as a whole is deprived of the contribution they could possibly make if they were provided with the opportunity to access and complete their studies.

The Tuks Scholarship Fund is designed as a strategic, long-term solution to alleviate some of the financial strain caused by a shortage of funding for tertiary education.

The University of Pretoria is committed to supporting its students academically and otherwise, and help them to make the most of the opportunities that a higher education experience offers to develop their talents optimally. Professor Cheryl de la Rey appeals to all University of Pretoria staff, students and alumni to join her in making a regular contribution to elevate the chances of success of its students.

Friends of the University, industry partners, parents of students and members of the public are also encouraged to support the steady growth of this fund.The Tuks Scholarship Fund – Your Generosity in Action

Whatever the level of your giving – from a few rands per year to a hundred thousand or more – your support is valued by the University of Pretoria and the deserving beneficiaries of your generosity.

The Tuks Scholarship Fund has been designed to recognise and respond to four categories of giving, outlined in the table below. Please take a little time to see how you can make a big difference in the lives of the next generation of South Africa’s leaders.

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Payment information (EFT, credit card, debit order and direct deposits)

Debit Order Form

CONTRIBUTORDonors contributing up to R5 000 per annum support students requiring bridging funds to cover eventualities such as the payment of registration fees and/or purchase of essential text books.Up to R5,000 per annum
SUPPORTERDonors contributing up to R30 000 per annum support NSFAS students that require top-up funding.Up to R30,000 per annum
PATRONDonors contributing up to R100 000 per annum support undergraduate scholarships
for students who do not qualify for NSFAS* support but whose family income is still so
low that they are not able to make a contribution to university fees.Up to R100,000 per annum
BENEFACTORDonors contributing more than R100 000 per annum to support full tuition scholarships for undergraduate or postgraduate students. Donors in this category may contact the beneficiaries and offer them internships or mentor them and may even offer them opportunities for employment. Scholarships in this category may have their own separate regulations and allows for naming opportunities and special conditions or selection criteria.More than R100,000 per annum
GENERALDonors contributing non-designated funds may do so via monthly debit orders or online payments.(Please note that a Section 18(A) tax certificate is available on request for all donors to the Tuks Scholarship Fund.)

National Student Financial Aid Scheme of South Africa (NSFAS) study loan (or bursary) is for individuals
who do not have the financial means to fund their studies and/or cannot access bank funding, study loans
or bursaries