University of Pretoria Faculty of Health Sciences Fees Structure

University of Pretoria Faculty of Health Sciences Fees Structure

Tuition fees 

Once students are registered, their own specific student account details and information about possible rebates can be found on the UP Student Portal “Student Centre”.

  • If you are a first time user of the UP Portal, go to https: click on “New User” and enter your student number (u00000000) as username.  Type in your ID/passport number and click on Proceed.
  • Non-South African citizens please refer to notes on international fees.
  • Average fees for the nine faculties are set out in the tables below and are based on the average cost of the study programme.
  • Fees do not include the cost of prescribed books, stationery or other study-related expenses.
  • If a degree is completed mid-year, AND a new degree is registered for in the same year thereafter, the FULL tuition fees are immediately payable on registration. Full fees are payable by end July of any study year, irrespective of when in the year the programme was registered for. Any amounts still outstanding after 31 July, will result in the blocking of access to academic records.

NOTE: Pay registration fee early.

During the January registration period, the queues at the UP cashiers are excessively long, and may delay your progress for hours. Avoid these long payment queues during the registration period by paying the registration fee directly into the University’s bank account, at least 5 DAYS BEFORE your registration date.

  • This will allow for adequate processing time in this very busy time of the year and will ensure that you are not financially blocked which will prevent you from registering.
  • Submit proof of any bursary to the Student Service Centre (SSC) preferably two weeks before registration, so that UP can record it in the system, and if applicable, waive the payment of the registration fee. 
  • Keep your proof of your payment (or copy of your bursary letter) with you during the registration period.

No student may register before they have either:

–     paid the initial registration fee AT LEAST 5 DAYS BEFORE registration


–     provided proof of a bursary/loan from an external provider AT LEAST 5 DAYS BEFORE registration

AIM Modules

The cost of AIM modules is not included in the average cost per course in the Fees and Funding brochure or the Cost Estimator.

AIM 101               R5 143

AIM 102               R5 140

AIM 111               R5 143

AIM 121               R4 013

Estimated tuition fees per year (SA and SADC countries citizens)

Fees 2017

Once an applicant has registered at the University, a detailed statement of tuition fees will be made available on the Student Portal. (Self-service, Finance tab)

Tuition fee quotations are available to students as a self-help function

  • On the UP web, click My TUKS login
  •  Login on the UP Student Portal
  •  Enter the Student Centre
  •  Click the Student Finances tab, again Student Finances tab on the next page and you will find the option fee estimation – quotation
  •  The system will allow academic plan (for most postgraduate studies) and module selection  options for undergraduate studies and some post graduate studies (See Faculty yearbook for codes)
  •  Complete the required fields
  •  Use the plus (+) button to add modules or the minus (-) button to remove modules
  •  Click the Generate Quote button to view, save or print the quotation
  •  All major banks may accept the quotation for loan applications, but will still require  a proof of registration before the loan is paid out
  •  Your proof of registration will be issued after registration and in most cases your account will be generated and available on the Student Portal 24 hours after registration
Faculty of Health Sciences1st year   2nd year3rd year4th year5th year6th year
MBChB – Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery55 00059 00053 00055 00032 000 –53 00053 000 –84 000
BChD – Bachelor of Dentistry51 00035 000 –53 00061 000 –65 00042 000 –45 00050 000
BCur – Bachelor of Nursing Science26 000 –41 00048 00025 00017 000
BDietetics – Bachelor of Dietetics45 000 – 51 00050 000 –52 00040 000 – 47 00026 000 – 29 000
BOccTher – Bachelor of Occupational Therapy42 000 – 52 00036 000 – 44 00030 000 – 35 00020 000
BOH – Bachelor of Oral Hygiene57 000 –60 00038 00039 000
BPhysT – Bachelor of Physiotherapy44 000 – 48 00043 000 – 48 00043 000 – 48 00029 000 – 48 000
BSportSci (BSportScience)51 000 –56 00035 000 –38 00045 000
BRad – Bachelor of Radiography42 00033 000 – 39 00038 000 – 42 000
BClinical Medical Practice – Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice53 00016 00025 000