University of the Witwatersrand Faculty of Health Sciences Courses or Programmes Offered

University of the Witwatersrand Faculty of Health Sciences Courses or Programmes Offered

Academic Programmes

The Faculty of Health Sciences has an outstanding international reputation and many of our graduates are leaders in their fields, both in South Africa and worldwide.

Undergraduate Courses/Programmes

The study of health sciences emphasises the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, and provides access to various careers either as a professional practitioner, in education as a lecturer, or in medical research.


  • There are two points of entry into MBBCh:
  • First year for applicants who are currently in Grade 12 and
  • Third year for applicants who have completed a degree (this is the Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP)

No application to second year will be considered. Those applicants who are currently studying or who have studied at a tertiary institution are advised to complete their studies and apply for admission to the GEMP.

Postgraduate Courses/Programmes

We offer excellent postgraduate supervisors who participate in cutting edge research and are thus able to guide and support students during their engagement with research.

Wits is recognised both locally and internationally for the quality of its research and for the exemplary training of its postgraduate students.

Our academic staff are involved in ground breaking research in clinical, applied and basic sciences, thus providing fertile and varied fields in which you may choose to work. The research environment in the Faculty is stimulating and thought-provoking.

Bachelor of Health Sciences Programmes

Why the Bachelor of Health Sciences?

BHSc (Biomedical Sciences) Curriculum

BHSc (Biokinetics) Curriculum

What is taught in Fundamentals of Health & Disease (FHD)?

BHSc (Honours) – Human Biology

BHSc (Honours) in Medical Cell Biology

BHSc (Honours) in Biokinetics

BHSc (Honours) in Forensic Science

BHSc (Honours) in Molecular Medicine

BHSc (Honours) in Pharmacology

BHSc (Honours) in Physiology