Where Can I Write The NBTs?

Where Can I Write The NBTs?

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There are a number of NBT National writing sessions scheduled on Saturdays, and some on Fridays and Sundays.

The NBT Project reserves the right to cancel a session with three weeks’ notice. Reasons for cancelling include low registration as well as structural problems with a venue.

What if there is no test site near where I live?

A goal of the NBT project is to schedule sites around South Africa. If you live in another country or an area where there are no tests nearby, please click here to send us an e-mail and we will attempt to schedule a special site for your test.


A remote writer/student is someone who is unable to write at an institution that generally facilitates the national benchmark test sessions.

Usually it is a writer who is in another country or in an area too remote to be able to make a trip of a reasonable distance to the nearest testing centre.


Please note that the test proctor/invigilator should be a person with credibility and not a friend or relative of the writer.

The responsibilities of the test proctor/invigilator are to:

  1. Serve as a receiver for mailed tests and not receive the tests directly from the writer/student;
  2. Maintain test security and confidentiality, and invigilate the test in a quiet environment;
  3. Ensure that the writer does not use any texts, notes or outside help;
  4. Personally mail the original written script(s) to the NBT Project
  5. Not photocopy or reproduce the tests or the student’s answers

The responsibilities of the writer/examinee are to:

  1. Make arrangements for testing with the test proctor/invigilator according to the test due date;
  2. Maintain test security and confidentiality;
  3. Carry out any reasonable and legitimate instructions given by the proctor/invigilator

PLEASE NOTE: The Writer/ Student is responsible for all payments such as proctor/invigilator, courier, venue and test.

When we receive the proctor’s/invigilator’s details we will communicate with him/her directly via the e-mail address provided.  It is the writer’s responsibility to stay in touch with the proctor/invigilator.