Can you apply for a South African passport online?

By | August 6, 2022

Can you apply for a South African passport online?

To Travel Outside the South African Country you need to Apply For a South African Passport to travel, To apply to south afrcan passport you can apply online, select the type of passport you won’t and know the requirement to apply for your passpot

Types of Passports and Corresponding Requirements

  • Regular Passports
    Regular South African passports are issued to South African applicants who are 16 years old and older. They are valid for 10 years and are not renewable. When South African passports expire, new passport applications will have to be filed.
  • Child Passports
    Child passports are issued to children who are fifteen years and below. These passports are not renewable. On their expiry, applications for new passports will have to be filed.
  • Emergency Travel Certificates
    Emergency Travel Certificates are issued to South Africans who have to travel back home urgently for reasons of death, sickness or any other emergency.  It is in a page form and may be issued with validity ranging from a month to a year. Applicants for emergency travel certificates must also apply for permanent passports.
  • Maxi Passports
    Maxi passports are 48-page documents meant for frequent travelers. They are the same as regular passports (valid for 10 years) except that they have extra pages to provide for more visa pages.


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