South African Maxi Passport Application

South African Maxi Passport

Maxi passports are issued to applicants who are 16 years old and above.

Maxi passports are 48-page documents meant for frequent travelers. They are the same as regular passports (valid for 10 years) except that they have extra pages to provide for more visa pages.

Checklist of Documents to be Submitted:

Application forms plus supporting documentation must be submitted in duplicate. It has been noted that some applicants submit application forms in duplicate but supporting documents (determination of citizenship, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, etc.) are still being sent without copies. Please ensure that you submit two sets of the application:  a) the original application forms with supporting documents, and b) a copy of the complete set.

  • DHA-73  Passport Application form; with signature and left thumb print. Section B is required to be signed and duly stamped by the Police Station or Notary Public to confirm certification.
  • DHA-9 form – Full set of fingerprints.  This form is not downloadable. Please send a self-addressed stamped regular (standard letter size) envelope with a request for DHA-9 to receive this form. This form must be completed by applicants 16 years old and above.  Fingerprints can be taken at the nearest police station, fingerprints taking centers or notary public office.
  • DHA-529 – Determination of citizenship.  This form must be completed by applicants who are 16 years old and above;
  • Divorce decree.  To be submitted by all divorced applicants;
  • Notarized Marriage Certificate.  To be submitted by all married applicants irrespective of whether they will or will not change their surname;
  • Written Request to Change “Surname”.  This is to be submitted by married female applicants who would like to:
  • retain their maiden surnames or
  • use double–barrel surnames;
  • Notarized Copy of South African Identity Book or Birth certificate;
  • Notarized Copy of Retention/Exemption Letter, for those who have dual citizenship;
  • Notarized certificate of Naturalization.  To be submitted by applicants who are naturalized South Africans.
  • Loss of Passport Report and Police Report for Loss of Passport.  To be submitted by applicants who lost their passports and are applying for a new passport;
  • Four (4) passport size (2″ x 2″) photos. Please note that color photos which comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for passports photo images are required for South African passport applications.  [The holder’s signature (persons 16 years old and above) is laser engraved into the passport. To ensure good quality scanned signature for laser engraving into the passport, the signature in the signature box on the passport application form should be in the middle of the box and must not touch the sides of the box. A medium point ballpoint pen should be used to sign the box]. Please ensure your mouth is closed and that your teeth are not showing on the photo. Passport applications in which the photo and signature images do not meet quality standards will be rejected causing delays in the issuance of passports.
  • Attention New York Applicants: The South African Consulate General in New York will no longer accept prepaid envelope/labels from FedEx and UPS with immediate effect. Applicants are welcome to enclose only USPS self-addressed, pre-paid courier envelope for this office to facilitate return services.
  • Fees and processing time
  • Where to submit your application