Gem Auxiliary Nursing School

Gem Auxiliary Nursing School

About Gem Auxiliary Nursing School

GEM Health Care Workers Training is an accredited HWSETA (Health and Welfare SETA) nursing institution founded in 2000 by two retired professional nurses. The institute is accredited to offer the following programmes:

  • Ancillary Health Care – Full qualification (NQF level 01) : 1 year course
  • Skills Programme in Ancillary Health Care – 4 unit standards : 6 month course
  • Community Health Work – NQF level 04 : 1 year course
  • Various development programmes in previously disadvantaged communities – all South African provinces

GEM Health Care Workers Training – History

Founded by registered retired nurses, GEM Health Care Workers Training was established to empower the youth with knowledge and skills which would allow them opportunities for fulfilling employment opportunities. The institute targets learners who have not made requirements of other tertiary institutions as well as youth facing the prevailing HIV/AIDS pandemic that is common in local communities.

Gem Auxiliary Nursing School Training Course

At GEM Health Care Workers Training we offer affordable education for school leavers, as well as unskilled persons who are interested in the nursing profession.