OCSA Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing 2024 intake

OCSA Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing 2024 intake

Highly acclaimed, highly recommended


One of the most astounding exports from the OCSA Academy of Excellence is our highly acclaimed South African accredited Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing. We equip and empower nursing practitioners with the skills, knowledge and attitude to:


  • Diplomapractice in the occupational health field
  • promote and maintain health for employees
  • prevent illness and work-related disease
  • protect employees from work‐related and environmental hazards



Diploma Flyer 2024 

Application forms available from trainingdesk@ocsa.co.za


 What our graduates say!

Top graduate – Liza Doubell

Twenty years of experience in Occupational Health (OH), a B Soc Sc Degree in Nursing, and many courses behind her, Liza Doubell might have been comfortable in thinking she had learned everything she needs to know. But there was one thing missing for this consummate professional who is the Team Leader of OH for Johnson Matthey, South Africa: That all important piece of paper formalising your qualification. “For years there has not been anything close to OCSA’s OH course,” says Liza. “When I read the prospectus on this Diploma, the course content seemed so comprehensive that I decided to enrol. In my opinion this is the most intensive OH course in South Africa.”Liza surprised herself by being the top student, achieving three distinctions for OCSA’s new Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing. She stood amongst 22 proud graduates on 2 March 2011 as they made history for OCSA as the first group of Diploma students to graduate from our Academy of Excellence.

Liza Doubell says one of the challenges about the course is for students to obtain 500 hours of experiential training and she has already taken-on course students into her company’s OH facility to support and mentor them through the practical part of the course. She has also recently employed fellow graduate, Joanna Chatzkelowitz. “Getting to know colleagues in practice is a powerful thing, and sharing experience and knowledge within the framework of this course was valuable. We got to know one another as a group, and a professional bond is the outcome. Nothing is compromised with this course and the result is that we are building up a body of independent professionals who excel in this exciting industry.”

Achieving with distinction – Ruma Singh

Ruma Singh, an OH practitioner at Occusure thoroughly enjoys her work and decided on taking OCSA’s Diploma. “I was totally in awe  when I learnt that I passed, so much so that I kept very quiet about my results until I was told that I needed to hand in experential records to graduate. My distinction was totally unexpected. I am ecstatic about it,” says Ruma who started nursing in 1983, moved into midwifery and then onto community nursing in 1991 and psychology in 1995. She has worked in the occupational health environment for nine years. “I have done a fair amount of studying and OCSA’s lecturers stand out. When you have a lecturer with a great teaching style and an absolute passion for occupational health, it gives you the confidence to believe you could go out and make a difference,” says Ruma, single mother of two. She had a tough challenge last year fitting in this diploma and is a great inspiration: “For prospective students, don’t stop working at it, have fun and ask for help; it is always there.” She said the content was relevant with a few excellent choices in visiting lecturers.