The Private Hotel School – International Students Enrollment

The Private Hotel School – International Students Enrollment

Enrolment Requirements for International Students:
Minimum requirements for International students

  • Proof of graduation:
    • Certified copy of official secondary school, University or College transcripts with (a) an official English translation of the transcript (b) a grading guide that gives equivalent U.S. grades.
  • South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) clearance results if applicable.
  • Study Visa (Upon receiving your provisional acceptance letter from TPHS you can apply for your visa).
  • Proof of English competency, if English was not taken as first or second language at school. A TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) score of at least 500 or sufficient documentation of a significant level of English instruction. An IELTS score of 5.5 is also acceptable.

All programmes are presented in English, therefore students’ English abilities will be measured by an English Entrance Test administered before they enter the academic programme. Should students fail this test we shall recommend they undertake remedial English or an ESL course (English as a Second Language) either before starting their academic programme or as part of their first term’s coursework.

The following Academic levels are required:

Cambridge International A/AS Levels

  • Three O Levels at C or higher and
  • Two A Levels at E or higher


  • Four AS Levels at D or higher and
  • One O Level at C or higher

Cambridge HIGCSE

If you have studied HIGCSEs and IGCSEs you need to have obtained:

  • At least four HIGCSE passes (symbols 1 – 3 only) one of which must be English or Afrikaans first language
  • One IGCSE pass – C symbol or above

International Baccalaureate

Pass mark at 24 points, grades 4 – 7 are acceptable.

All other foreign qualifications are required to be evaluated and verified through SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority).

Please follow the below link for the online application procedures.

SAQA Contact information:


Tel. +27 (0)12 431 5000

Helpdesk +27 (0)86 010 3188


How do I apply for a study permit?

Once you have received conditional acceptance from TPHS to attend, complete a study permit application (only original forms will be accepted) and submit it to your nearest South African office abroad

Your application must be accompanied by:

  • Your passport, which should be valid for at least 30 days more than the application period.
  • The relevant permit fee (cash or bank-guaranteed cheque).
  • Proof that you are financially able to pay your tuition fees and have adequate means of support. You will need to submit three months’ worth of bank statements.
  • Proof of medical or health insurance cover that is registered or recognised in South Africa.
  • A repatriation guarantee. Unless you have a written undertaking of support from a South African, you will need to lodge a cash deposit equivalent to the value of a return ticket. In the case of African students, proof that your country has signed a written undertaking to pay costs for deportation should it become necessary.
  • A medical certificate and a radiological report (chest X-ray) or skin TB test.
  • An official letter from the institution in South Africa confirming your acceptance and detailing the duration of the course.
  • Police clearance certificate.

Make sure you’ve got copies of your application forms and all the supporting documents.

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What about Accommodation?

TPHS has an on-site student house that can accommodate 13 students. Admission to an academic programme does not imply that a student has a room in the student house. TPHS is located 8km outside of Stellenbosch and students can find accommodation in Stellenbosch, they will need their own transport. The school is very close to Vlottenburg train station, so students are able to take a train from Stellenbosch to the school. Please note there are no public transport services between Stellenbosch and the school.

You can follow the below link for accommodation available in Stellenbosch:

Must I have Medical Insurance?

Yes, no student will be registered without proof of adequate medical insurance. Please make use of a Student Health Plan that covers you while you study in South Africa and that provides for day-to-day care, hospitalisation and any emergency procedures. Students may obtain insurance from any company of their choice, provided that the company issues a letter stating that you are covered in South Africa for the duration of your studies. The Private Hotel School is not affiliated to any company. Below is a list of student medical aid options to consider:


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