Rhodes University International Application Procedure

Application Procedure

Foreign students should note carefully that late applications cannot be considered. The closing date for applications will be strictly enforced.

(a) All foreign applications will only be considered after the closing date of 30 September: Receipt of your application will be acknowledged and you will be notifi ed of the outcome of your application in October.

(b) Undergraduate students who have already completed their school-leaving examinations: International applicants may qualify for exemption through AEB or Cambridge examinations if they have two A level passes (A, B or C) or equivalent. It is not sufficient to pass in O levels alone. Application for exemption will be made through the University after registration.

The University accepts no responsibility for deciding whether a student qualifies for Matriculation exemption or not. It should be noted that obtaining an exemption certificate from the Matriculation Board does not mean that selection is assured.

(c) Undergraduates who are in the process of writing their A level, or other school-leaving examinations: Please send a copy of your O level certificates and a copy of your latest school report showing your exam results. If you are accepted on the basis of your O level results and provisional A level results, you will receive a provisional offer to study at Rhodes. 

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