S G Lourens Nursing College

S G Lourens Nursing College
What does a career in nursing involve?
Nursing, as a profession, is based on scientific knowledge which is acquired during the four years of study at a Gauteng Nursing College for Gauteng residents. This knowledge will equip nurses to help prevent disease, to educate people on health issues, enhance health and support ill patients both physically and mentally. As a dedicated health care professional, you will be required to treat every patient as an individual and consider all aspects of the patient i.e. their physical, psychological and social well-being. A nurse is an independent practitioner guided by nursing acts and ethical codes. Nursing is an extremely rewarding career as you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives on a daily basis.  

After completion of the four year basic nursing course, an opportunity exists for  qualified nurses to further their education in various specialty areas in nursing e.g. nursing education, nursing management, critical care nursing, trauma and emergency nursing, operating theatre nursing, primary health care, orthopaedic nursing, child nursing etc.

Where can you train as a Nurse within the Gauteng Department of Health?

Ann Latsky Nursing College, Johannesburg
No 1 Plunket Avenue, Hurst Hill
Tel: 011 644 8900 • Fax: 011 726 2619

Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing College,  Johannesburg
Chris Hani Road, Diepkloof, Soweto
Tel:  011 933 8004 • Fax: 011 938 1535

S. G. Lourens Nursing College (Pretoria)
c/o Soutpansberg Ave and Dr. Savage Road, Pretoria
Tel: 012 319 5600 • Fax: 012 319 5699

What is the duration of the basic nursing diploma course? 
 4 Years – Contractual obligation: a year for each year of study. The first year being a compulsory community service period.

What subjects will you study?
Level 1:
Fundamental Nursing Science 100
General Nursing Science 100
Biological and Natural Science 100
Social Sciences 100
(Integrated Nursing Practica, Pharmacology and Ethics

  • Professional Practice in each course)

Level 2:
General Nursing Science 200
Midwifery Nursing Science 100
Biological and Natural Science 200
Social Sciences 200
(Integrated Nursing Practica, Pharmacology and Ethics + Professional Practice in each course)

Level 3:
Psychiatric Nursing Science 100
General Nursing Science 300
Midwifery Nursing Science 200
Community Nursing Science 100
(Integrated Nursing Practica, Pharmacology and Ethics

  • Professional Practice in each course)

Level 4:
Community Nursing Science 200
Psychiatric Nursing Science 200
(Integrated Nursing Practica, Pharmacology and 
Ethics + Professional Practice in each course)

Which medium of instruction is used?

How will the course be structured?
• Theoretical education at a college (lectures, 
demonstrations, individual assignments and group work) 
• Clinical training at hospitals and community facilities.

How can you apply for the course?
You may contact the Gauteng Central Selection Centre at 011 644 8946 or the Directorate: Nursing Education and Training at 011 355 3000 to obtain information on the process to follow.

The application process is conducted online at http://www.professionaljobcentre.gauteng.gov.za​during a specified period only during the month of April.

Applications are open to Gauteng residents under the age of 35 years.
Grade 12 learners must use their Grade 11 results to calculate the Admission Point Score (APS).
Acceptance into the selection process is provisional and the final acceptance is dependent on meeting the APS in the final grade 12 results.
• English and Life Sciences both to have a score of 4 
• Life Orientation is a 10 credit subject – only half the score 
obtained is allocated 
• A minimum APS of 25 is required.

Phase 2:

If you meet the above criteria, we will welcome your application and invite you to an assessment. 

Phase 3:
Applicants who meet the assessment criteria will be invited to attend an interview after which a medical surveillance will be conducted before the final selection is concluded