South African Passport Application Fees

South African Passport Application Fees


Service Tariff
Identity Document: Issuing of first document. FREE
Identity Document: Re-issuing, provided that the re-issuing of identity documents is free of charge in those cases where an identity document was issued and the forename is repeated as a surname in the document, if the Department did not insist on the application for insertion of the surname at the time of the initial application, and when a new identity document is issued to a former TBVC-citizen to replace his old South African identity document classifying him as a non-South African citizen. R140.00
Temporary Identity Certificate: Issuing of a Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC). R70.00
First issue of an Unabridged Birth Certificate.

First issue of an abridged Death or Marriage Certificate.

Issuing of an Unabridged Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate, or a reproduction of the relevant register or a reproduction of any supporting documentation which is coupled to the register concerned, as well as verification of information from birth, marriage and death registers with regard to any individual, provided that where such reproduction or verification is required for official purposes by a Government institution within the meaning of serial number 11, it will be FREE of charge. R75.00
Issuing of an abridged computer printed or handwritten birth, death or marriage certificate, provided that no fees are payable for the issuing of the prescribed certificate on registration of birth, death or marriage. R20.00
Application for any amendment to the birth register of any person including the noting of the fact of adoption in the birth register of a person i.r.o the Child Care Act, 1983, but excluding the re-registration of a birth i.r.o. section 11 of the Births and Deaths Registration Act, 1992, which is free of charge. R70.00
Application for any change of the forenames or surname of a minor (Sections 24 and 25 of Act 51 of 1992). R70.00
Application for the changing of a major’s fornames in the birth register (Section 24 of Act 51 of 1992). The insertion of a major’s surname in the birth register, however, is free of charge if his identity document was issued with the forename repeated as a surname. The subsequent re-issuing of such a person’s identity document is also free of charge. R140.00
Application by a major to assume a different surname (provided that, should the applicant be lawfully married, the amount also includes the applicantion of his spouse as well as thoase of any minor children, or if the applicant is a divorced female or widow, it also includes the application of her minor children, if any)(Section 26 of Act 51 of 1992) R325.00
Issuing of a duplicate confirmation of the change of a major’s forenames and/or surname R70.00
Letter of confirmation of marital status R50.00


First application for Tourist Passport R400.00
Re- apply must bring old passport copy R400.00
Re-apply with lost passport R800.00
Re-apply with passport that is full – must bring full passport R400.00
Re-apply with passport that is full – but passport is lost R800.00
Re-apply for passport with 3 pages left – must bring passport R400.00
Re-apply for passport with 3 pages left  – but passport is lost R800.00
First time application for Maxi Tourist Passport R600.00
Re-apply for Maxi Toursit Passport – passport lost or not present R1200
Re-apply for Maxi Tourist Passport that is full – must present old Passport R600
Have a Tourist Passport and just got married and applies for new surname or marriage surname on passport – must present passport with old surname R400
Just married and and has changed surname – but old Passport is lost or not present R800
Has old Tourist Passport and applies for second passport – must present old passport to carry two passports R400
Official Passport (including official emergency passport) or crewmember certificate, and a temporary passport issued for official purposes. FREE
Crew Member Certificate R350.00
Naturalization application and issue of original citizenship certificate R300.00
Issuing of duplicate citizenship certificate (including application for certificates issued in terms of section 16 of Act 88 of 1995) as well as confirmation (To whom it may concern) R90.00
Resumption of SA citizenship, in terms of section 13 of Act 88 of 1995 R300.00
Retention of SA citizenship, in terms of section 6(2) of Act 88 of 1995 R300.00
Retrospective exemption in terms of section 26(4) of the South African Citizenship Act, 1995, from the loss of South African citizenship. R300.00


The furnishing of information from the Population Register on magnetic tape or similar format in accordance with the provisions of section 21 of the Identification Act, 1997 (Act 68 of 1997) R480.00requested for every 5000 persons or for portion thereof.
Furnishing of information from the Population Register for official purposes to any Department of State, Local Authority or Statutory Body. Provided that the prescribed fees for abridged or unabridged certificates shall be payable if such certificates are requested. FREE
Frame of four black and white photos taken for ID applications. R40.00