Stellenbosch University Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing

Stellenbosch University Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing

Focusing on the health care needs of South-Africa, the postgraduate diploma develops knowledge and skills in one of the specialist areas of nursing listed below. The programme promotes critical-analytical thinking and equips students with the basic principles and skills of research methodology. The programme is taught in English through self-directed learning by blending traditional contact teaching and learning sessions with sessions presented via Stellenbosch University’s telematic platform. For the objectives and outcomes of this Postgraduate Diploma see our Calendar entry.

Specialist areas

To see the curriculums of the various streams (specialist areas) of nursing, please follow the links to our Calendar below.

Non-clinical programmes

Nursing Education covers a specialist area in nursing science of the student’s choice and equips him or her with the knowledge and clinical skills to practice effectively in this area. In addition, students learn to manage the clinical training and education of nursing students, to develop nursing curricula, to apply nursing education practice, to facilitate teaching and learning strategies and to master assessment.

Nursing Management equips current and potential nurse managers in the health service with knowledge and skills regarding the management process, policy making, health economics and financial planning. More so to provide information on human resource management, labour relations and risk management in an ever-changing health service environment. Although nursing management is a non-clinical specialisation, the programme includes compulsory practical work of 90 one-hour periods as required by the South African Nursing Council. See the relevant regulation here.

Course coordinator: Anneleen Damons

Tel: +27 21 938 9826 / 9036

Clinical programmes

Our clinical specialisations are offered by means of contact sessions (residential) with only certain modules on the telematic technology platform. Students are required to attend contact sessions on the Tygerberg campus and to be able to gain clinical experience in the Cape Town area at approved clinical facilities.

Critical Care Nursing

Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology

Operating Room Nursing

Primary Health Care Nursing

Advanced Psychiatric Nursing enables students to improve and enhance their conceptual, diagnostic and therapeutic skills, as well as their contextually appropriate mental health knowledge, in order to function effectively as a mental health nurse clinical specialist.


Each module is assessed separately with a minimum pass mark of 50%. The final mark of the programme is calculated based on the relative weighting of each module as indicated by its credit value. See our Calendar entries for these by following the links supplied for each programme under “Specialist areas”. Read more about assessment here.

Written examinations are sat for during the first 2 weeks of June (first-semester modules) and the first 2 weeks of November (second- semester modules).

Admission requirements

See admission requirements here.

Cost of the programme

Prospective students wishing to estimate fees and budget for the academic year, may request a provisional fees statement by following the “Fees” tab above and, under the button “Provisional fees statement”, selecting “Distance education PG”.

Application information

To apply, use the link “e online applications” below, where the closing date for application is also shown.