Ukwazi Nursing School Application

Ukwazi Nursing School Intake 2024/2025


The old (legacy) auxiliary nurse and enrolled nurse qualifications have been phased out by the SOUTH AFRICAN NURSING COUNCIL.

The following new nursing qualifications are being phased in

  • the HIGHER CERTIFICATE in AUXILIARY NURSING now to commence in January 2024 – a 1 year programme; and
  • the DIPLOMA IN NURSING: STAFF NURSE (GENERAL NURSE) to commence in January 2024 – a 3 year programme.

UKWAZI SCHOOL OF NURSING has already been accredited by the COUNCIL ON HIGHER EDUCATION for both new qualifications and it is also registered by the SOUTH AFRICAN QUALIFICATIONS AUTHORITY for these qualifications. The SCHOOL has been inspected by the SOUTH AFRICAN NURSING COUNCIL for the new qualifications and both the main campus (Roodepoort) and our Potchefstroom sub-campus have been accredited for the new Auxiliary Nurse qualification. –

Our sister company (UKWAZI SKILLS CAMPUS PTY LTD) offers a programme for the training of health care assistants which is accredited by the HEALTH & WELFARE SETA (it is not regulated by the SOUTH AFRICAN NURSING COUNCIL).  This programme will aid prospective nursing students who  do not have LIFE SCIENCES as a subject on their National Senior Certificate (or whose mark in Life Sciences is too low in terms of our admission requirements) in applying for admission to the new nursing qualifications as it includes foundational Anatomy and Physiology.  The course will still equip students with the required skills and competencies to find employment in the health care industry.


The School will commence admission procdures for the first intake of students for the January 2024 intake of the Higher Cerificate in Auxiliary Nursing at its ROODEPOORT CAMPUS soon. Students wishing to have their details recorded on a waiting list are invited to complete the prescribed form and to contact the School in that regard.  Admission procedures for our POTCEFSTROOM SUB-CAMPUS will follow as soon as the South African Nursing Council has finalised its accreditation processes.

Details for the 2024 intakes of the Diploma in Nursing will be finalised later.  However, students intending to apply for admission can request the School to record their names on a waiting list so long.

An Information Brochure which explains the dates of all intakes; fees payable; course content; etc will be available from our offices in due course.  It will be available by fax; email; or personal collection.  You are invited to contact your campus of choice – Roodepoort or Potchefstroom (see tabs at the top of this page) for further information in this regard.

Link to formal Application Form to be made available in due course.



The decision to admit a student to higher education study is the right, responsibility and prerogative of UKWAZI SCHOOL OF NURSING (the SCHOOL”) in terms of section 37 (1) of the Higher Education Act, 1997.


Each learning programme (qualification) offered by the SCHOOL requires a minimum APS (apart from programme specific requirements) for an applicant to become eligible for selection to that programme.  Applicants with the highest APS receive preference in the selection process.

The table below contains the APS points for subjects achieved in the various SCHOOL leaving certificates and for converting non- National Senior Certificate (“NSC”) qualifications to NSC achievement levels:

*          Independent Examinations Board

**         National Certificate (Vocational)

An APS is calculated by adding up the points for an applicant’s best 6 (six) subjects as reflected in the applicant’s SCHOOL leaving certificate.  Life Orientation is excluded for purposes of the calculation of an APS (and thus does not form part of an applicant’s 6 (six) best subjects).


The following are the admission criteria for the HIGHER CERTIFICATE:

An applicant without Life Sciences / Biology in matric or whose mark is below the minimum achievement level of NSC 4 can still achieve eligibility by successfully completing the SCHOOL’s bridging course (currently the HEALTH CARE ASSISTANT COURSE offered by UKWAZI SKILLS CAMPUS)

  • with an average mark of 75%; and
  • with a minimum mark of 50% (fifty percent) in the ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY module thereof.


The minimum requirements for holders of a National Senior Certificate to become eligible for selection for admission to the Diploma in Nursing (Staff Nurse) are as follows:

An applicant without Life Sciences / Biology in matric or whose mark is below the minimum achievement level of NSC 5 can still achieve eligibility by successfully completing the SCHOOL’s bridging course

·         with an average mark of 80%; and

·         with a minimum mark of 60% (sixty percent) in the ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY module thereof.


An applicant who meets the admission criteria for a qualification is entered into a selection process.  The selection process is aimed at admitting the best candidates to the SCHOOL’s learning programmes.

The selection process consists of selecting those candidates

i.        with the highest APS for the qualification

ii.        who meet the admission criteria of the qualification as prescribed by the rules of the qualification, by legislation and by                 the School’s internal admission criteria

iii.        whose admission is supported the School’s selection panel based on an interview conducted with the candidate

iv.        who have previously undergone health care or similar education and training at the School.

The SCHOOL is entitled to change its selection criteria at any given time e.g. SCHOOL might consider introducing the National Benchmark Tests as a selection tool in future.