University of Limpopo Medical school Bursaries or Scholarship

University of Limpopo Medical school Bursaries or Scholarship

Tertiary education in South Africa is not free, therefore financial assistance, if you are able to obtain it, may be in a form of a financial aid package, bursary, scholarship, contract bursary, NSFAS, Eduloan or a bank loan


Our Financial Aid Policy is to increase access for students in the health sciences through the following:

  • Efficient administration of all bursary/loan monies
  • Supporting and participating in all fundraising efforts to improve/increase limited resources
  • To be sensitive, empathetic and understanding with respect to the disadvantaged background of our students, our institution and the national student financial crisis
  • To seek constant input from all substantive structures regarding the acquisition, allocation and recovery/recycling of funds in order to assist the subsequent generations of students

Scholarships, bursaries and loans

You can:

  • Apply for a scholarship if you achieve high marks and excellent academic record
  • Apply for a bursary
  • Apply for a contract bursary from your Province
  • Apply for a NSFAS loan (National Student Financial Aid Scheme)
  • Apply for an Eduloan

Financial assistance is awarded to a student according to the level of his/her need, taking into account the financial circumstances of the family and the academic performance of the student.

Applying for financial assistance
Should you be selected to study at the University of Limpopo (Medunsa Campus), application forms for financial assistance will be available on the day of registration. Bursaries/loans are only available to registered students of the University.

The following are some of the important documents that will be required when completing the application for financial assistance:

  • Proof of parents’/guardian’s income, (i.e. certified salary or pension slip)
  • A certified affidavit from you parents and a letter from your social worker for proof of unemployment
  • Certified identification documents of you and your parents
  • Certified divorce certificate or letter from a social worker for single parents
  • Certified death certificates where applicable

The following different sponsorships are available either through the University or direct application:

National Provincial Bursaries:students must apply directly to the specific province and the closing date for applications is 30 September of the year prior to registration.(Confirm the closing date with the Province) Students enter into a contract with the relevant province.

A limited number of University administered bursaries are available from the University. These funds are donated to the University and are awarded according to set criteria (academic performance and financial need)

  • Addresses for some private companies and non-governmental organizations are available in the Financial Aid Office
  • NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) distributes funds through tertiary institutions and it is allocated to students as loans. Part of the loan (40%) will be converted to a bursary provided a student passes all courses registered. Further information may be obtained from the NSFAS website
  • The University does not offer loans to students but encourages and assists students when applying for a bank loan or a loan from Eduloan.Further information may be obtained from the Eduloan website
  • Merit bursaries are awarded to new entering first year full-time students who:

Obtained an average of 70% or higher during the grade 12 final examination, shall receive full tuition fees
The average is calculated by adding the percentages of (six best) of the final exam results and divide by (six)

  • Merit bursaries are also awarded undergraduate senior students who:

Achieved an overall pass of 70-75% from the previous year/level of study on the first attempt, provided that the full curriculum was taken and passed. The student shall qualify to receive full upfront registration fees

Achieved an overall pass of 76-100% from the previous year/level of study on the first attempt, provided that the full curriculum was taken and passed. The student shall qualify to receive full tuition fees

These bursaries do not apply to students who are in receipt of any other scholarship or bursary which covers the full amount that the student qualified for. If a student qualified for the full tuition fees and receives a bursary that does not cover the full cost of study, the tuition fee shall be limited to the difference between the full tuition payable and the bursary received by the student
These bursaries are not renewed automatically, but students have to apply annually


Room S518, Fifth Floor
Clinical Pathology Building
Postal address:
Financial Aid Office
University of Limpopo (Medunsa Campus)
P O Box 69

Telephone numbers:
(012) 5214622 – Head & Postgraduate Studies
(012) 5215961 – Secretary
(012) 5214486 – Private sponsors and
University administered bursaries
(012) 5214031 – National Provinces (incl. SADEC countries)
(012) 5214191 – National Provinces
(012) 5214678 – NSFAS

Fax number:
(012) 5214008
Student hours:
10:15 – 11:15
13:00 – 14:00 (weekdays only)