The Private Hotel School Application Process

The Private Hotel School Application Process

Intake starting dates
Due to the popularity of our courses the Private Hotel School offers two intakes. One in January and one in July of each year.

How to apply.
The application process is simple and quick.

Closing date for Applications:
For January intake it is 31 October of the previous year and for the July intake it is 30 April of the current year. Late applications will be considered.

Application Process:

  • Send your completed application form along with the documents requested below or fax to 021 881 3793.
  • Proof of graduation: Certified copy of official National Senior Certificate (NQF Level 4)
  • Two Letters of Reference: one from the Principal or Guidance Counselor and one from a former teacher.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Certified copy of Identity Document or Passport.
  • Pay application fee of R400. Account details on application form. Not applicable to international students.
  • Application will be processed and a personal/telephonic interview will be scheduled.
  • Prospective student will be informed if he/she has been accepted and a non-refundable deposit is payable within 30days from receiving the acceptance letter.

Enrolment Requirements for the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Education:

  • To enroll at The Private Hotel School you would need the National Senior Certificate (NQF Level 4)
  • Requirements for Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Education:
    • One of the following qualifications:
      • Diploma in Education (360 credits)
      • 3 year degree (360 credits)
      • Traditional Matric + 3 qualification

All programmes are presented in English, therefore students’ English abilities will be measured by an English Entrance Test administered before they enter the academic programme. Should students fail this test we shall recommend they undertake remedial English or an ESL course (English as a Second Language) either before starting their academic programme or as part of their first term’s coursework.