The Private Hotel School Enrichment Modules

The Private Hotel School Enrichment Modules

Enrichment Modules

The Private Hotel School provides enrichment modules for students, industry practitioners interested in enhancing their current skills and for those gearing-up for a career shift to be part of the dynamic hospitality industry. Participants have the opportunity to complete one or more module and receive a certificate of completion.

These are intensive, six month (32 to 64 contact hours) modules introducing concepts and practicalities of hospitality and culinary operations within the hotel and catering industry context. Delegates will be presented with an overview of the industry, together with an introduction to techniques, from an understanding of the principles of the various disciplines through lectures from subject experts and practical applications such as knife skills.

Duration: 6 Months

Module Fee: R9,900 each EXCEPT
Professional Cooking – R12,000
Professional Baking & Pastry – R12,000

Full payment within 30 days from receiving confirmation of your acceptance.

Starting Dates: January and July each year

Dress Code: Corporate Black and White for theory classes. Chef uniform for culinary classes.

What’s included:

  • Module Facilitation by Subject Experts.
  • Study Guide and handouts.
  • Certificate of completion
  • Recognition of Prior Learning—50% towards national qualification for the courses completed.

What’s excluded:

  • Textbook(s)
  • Chef uniform and extras

Passing Grade

Students must receive a grade of “C” (minimum 60%) to pass in each module. A student who incurs a grade of “F” in any module, is required to retake the module and obtain a passing grade. Any financial implications of retaking a module will be at a cost of R5 200.


The Private Hotel School aims to prepare students to be successful professionals. Attendance and punctuality are important work ethics for students to develop. An attendance of at least 80% in all theoretical classes and 90% of all practical classes is required. The total of excused absences should therefore not exceed 20% of theoretical module hours and 10% of practical module hours. Students who are absent, whether excused or unexcused, in more than the indicated requirements, are considered to have officially withdrawn from that module and will be given a grade of “F” in that course.

Booking Procedure:

  • You can book online at
  • Full payment in advance is required, cheques will not be accepted.
  • When paying, please indicate for which module you have booked and for whom the booking is made.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations and refunds will only be accepted up to TEN working days prior to the commencement of a course. Fees for unattended lectures will not be refunded.
  • Delegates failing to arrive on the day of the lecture will result in the delegate/company being liable for full payment.
  • Your receipt will confirm your booking.

Modules on offer:

  • Introduction to Culinary Arts
  • Food Service Management
  • Nutrition
  • Professional Cooking
  • Professional Baking and Pastry
  • Rooms Division Practice
  • Event Planning
  • Basic Accounting
  • Hospitality Accounting
  • Front Office Operations
  • Lodging Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Service Management
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Communication
  • Computer Applications
  • Hospitality Law
  • Hospitality Research
  • Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Wine Studies 1
  • Wine Studies 2


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